Terms of Use

Version 11 March 2020

Please note: the Dutch version of the terms of service is authoritative.

With eduID, a user can gain access to the services of institutions affiliated with SURF. The eduID service is intended for users who do not have an account with an institution or for services for which an institution-independent account is useful. Examples include access for external users, guest users, and pre-registrants, or to services for which a student needs continued access even after graduation.

By creating an eduID account, the user agrees to these terms of use.


  1. User: a natural person connected in any way to an educational, research or care institution, such as staff, lecturers and/or students, or a person otherwise affiliated with an institution.
  2. Service or eduID: the infrastructure to provision a user with an account for access to various services via SURFconext.
  3. Personal data: any data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.
  4. SURF: SURF B.V., located in Utrecht at Moreelsepark 48, registered in the Trade Register under number 30090777.
  5. SURFconext: SURF’s federation infrastructure which connects services and institutions.

Rules for using an eduID

  1. The login details, including username and password or any other form of identification, for eduID are strictly personal. The user may not transfer these login details and the resulting rights to access the services via SURFconext to a third party or give them to a third party for use.
  2. The user will refrain from unauthorised use. This means:
    • Using data from a third party to request eduID;
    • Applying for an eduID for a legal entity;
    • Making use of access to SURFconext services in such a way as to violate the intellectual property rights of third parties or to contravene the law, public order, and public decency.
    • Sharing the user’s own login details with third parties or having third parties log in with the user’s own login details.
  3. If SURF has reasons to assume that the User is infringing, or threatens to infringe, rules or obligations as described above, the account will be closed and the User will be denied access to the SURFconext services.
  4. SURF also has the right to take other measures that are necessary to protect SURF, other users and/or third parties against damage, nuisance, or infringements of rights.
  5. SURF is not liable for any damage suffered by the user or a third party as a result of closing the account and denying access pursuant to paragraphs 3 and 4.

Rules for offering the Service

SURF will ensure that the Service is available and may, without prior notice, put the Service out of operation (temporarily or otherwise) or limit its use insofar as this is necessary for reasonably necessary maintenance or for adjustments and/or improvements to the Service to be carried out by SURF. SURF is not liable for any damage arising from the (temporary) unavailability of the Service.

Personal data and privacy

SURF processes Personal Data of Users. SURF processes these Personal Data in accordance with the General Data Processing Regulation and other relevant legislation and regulations. For more information regarding the processing of these Personal Data, please refer to the eduID Privacy Statement.

Amongst other things, SURF uses the e-mail address provided by the User to send messages or announcements about the Service.

Intellectual property rights

All (intellectual) property rights – including any copyright and database right – to the data remain at all times vested in the user or his respective licensor(s).

Support and questions

In the event of problems with eduID, users can contact eduID at help@eduid.nl.


These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law and the competent court is the District Court of Central Netherlands, location Utrecht.

Insofar as the user has not already agreed to these terms and conditions at an earlier stage, the user agrees to these terms and conditions by using the Service.